What is good marketing ?

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As I write this article, things are preparing to make my photographic activity a full-time business (occupation). This motivates me to read about concepts related to photography, business, marketing, clients satisfaction, etc

Reading Seth Godin’s article about Marketing good, I retained the following phrase:

“Second and third order recommendations and word of mouth and the way we talk about the things that are “good good” is the new marketing.”

It matches perfectly what Paul Jarvis advocates and that’s: More doing less promoting the key to creating great work. I should ready every day the following lines, before I sit down in front of the computer to work on The Paris photographer:

– Spend more time perfecting my craft than speaking about it !
– My clients and my friends are the best sales people and promoters !
– Putting all I’ve got into doing great work and helping my clients succeed will get me booked weeks in advance !

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